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Xcell associates serve our clients crossing international borders with medical care and treatment through a seamless healthcare experience.  Our services are designed to help clients and their families with specialized care and support during the time from initial contact to their expected smooth road to recovery.  


Xcell associates wish to tailor our services providing for the unique needs of our clients, as well as to provide clarification, understanding, and support.  This means to assist clients in the optimization and use of our service packages.  We present Xcell’s services in three sections: 

After Your Medical Journey

During Your Medical Journey

Before Your Medical Journey

Before Your Medical Journey


Switzerland, one of the most beautiful countries of the world, is going to be your home away from home during your medical journey.   Once you have decided to become an Xcell client, our relationship begins by completing an information package that helps us work with the healthcare team for their recommendation and approval to begin planning your visit.  An Xcell associate will email to you the required forms to complete at your leisure.  In addition, an Xcell associate will contact you after receiving the completed information package to let you know the healthcare team has reviewed your information.  At this time we will review with you a quotation of an estimate of cost of services for your entire medical journey, and look forward to discussing the details of the quote to answer any questions you may have.  


We will need to know your travel availability.  You may need to review your travel calendar while your information package is being processed.  Xcell will suggest to you, based on your individual medical journey, the expected number of days for your visit.  Should you be traveling with family, you may need to coordinate their calendar before sharing the dates that you would like for us to begin appointment scheduling and other travel needs.  Of course we will help you coordinate the appropriate visa as well.


Before your visit, an Xcell associate will:


  • Schedule all your medical appointments, including: initial consultant, procedure or treatment, post-operative visit, and any additional appointments with the healthcare team.

  • Purchase your air travel and send you airline confirmation of your reservation.

  • Assist you in coordinating for visa for you and/or a family member.


We encourage you to visit the web sites of our suggested hotels/resorts to choose, with your procedure in mind, the most peaceful place for you to recuperate where complete anonymity will be experienced.


  • Offer private transportation from the airport to your lodging accommodation, for all scheduled medical appointments, any other requested travel needs for your visit.

  • Provide an estimated cost of the total package for your medical journey.  As a courtesy, Xcell will confirm the coverage details of your procedure or treatment with your insurance company.  An Xcell associate will arrange travel insurance coverage to and from Switzerland and your home country.

  • Share local entertainment listings, based on your personal interests, available before your medical procedure or treatment is performed.


When traveling abroad for medical care, a few helpful hints to help you prepare may include to:


  • Organize a visa prior to departure, if necessary.

  • Ensure that nothing important (passport, ATM & credit cards, etc.) will expire while you are away.

  • Photocopy important documents/online.  In other words, have a copy of all documents with you, as well as scanned copies online, and also give copies to a loved one back at home.

  • Make sure that family members know about your travel plans, and can deal with emergencies in your absence.

  • Check the weather in Lausanne, Switzerland.  A weather forecast can guide your packing strategy.  Double-check what you are taking based on the expected number of days for your visit—making sure you have the clothing you need.  Remember your cell phone charger and earpiece, these items are often left at home.

  • Set up a Skype account to keep in touch with loved ones back at home.



During Your Medical Journey



This section includes information on how to make your visit at the University Hospital of Lausanne (CHUV) and any rest and recovery or rehabilitation stay as pleasant as possible.  Xcell associates endorse healthcare equality by practicing client-centered care that respects an individual’s unique goals and circumstances. During your visit, Xcell and the healthcare team will treat you with respect, understanding, and empathy.  We are here to make this a highly successful experience, where you can relax knowing someone else will be taking care of you. 


During your visit, an Xcell associate will:


  • Meet and greet you while arriving at the airport.

  • Provide private transportation to the hotel/resort.

  • Pre-arrange hotel/resort check-in.

  • Arrange for special needs, such as babysitting or pet care.

  • Provide private transportation to-and-from all medical appointments.

  • Offer interpreter assistance during your stay, especially at the hospital, if needed.

  • Furnish communication assistance, such as cell phone with Internet connection or 24-hour contact number.

  • Assist with hospital admissions and ensure you understand instructions from the healthcare team.

  • Check on you as a recuperating patient daily or as needed once the procedure or treatment is performed.

  • Provide emotional support if necessary during visit.

  • Share information about local culture and customs of destination.

  • Assist with local activities and events and/or tour and excursion arrangements for your family.

  • Provide information about local dining, shopping, places of worship, and pampering facilities.

  • Assure you are comfortable and content at all times during your stay.

  • Should your medical journey include a rest and recovery or a rehabilitation stay, we recommend hotels/resorts and rehabilitation centres. 


Remember, you will be recuperating and in most cases, not in the best physical and emotional condition, Xcell will take care of the necessary details of your new environment.


  • Accompany you to the airport for departure.

  • Assist you with baggage check-in upon departure.

  • Arrange for airport medical assistance upon departure if necessary.


**Please note that we will be able to update you on the cost of any changes you have requested or medical needs required over and above your original itinerary.


After Your Medical Journey



Once you have completed your stay at CHUV, including when appropriate your rest and recovery or rehabilitation stay, and are on the road to recovery, there's still some information you'll find helpful. Please review this section to learn more.


At this time, you are in the peace and comfort of home in your home country.  You have received your desired medical care and are happy with your journey’s outcome. 


Should there be any follow-up care and assistance needed, Xcell will:


  • Assist with prescription requests.

  • Facilitate communication with physicians, such as information from the healthcare team to your physician in your home country.

  • Help obtain copies of medical reports/films.

  • When appropriate, support any necessary requirements with final billing from your insurance company.


Specialized Care & Support Services

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During Medical
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